Darts are treasures of the internet that are clipped and collected from users all over the globe. Each dart will feature it’s original source, the users caption or description and the ability to like it or comment on it. Darts make the world go round.


Did somebody find something totally awesome and you want it all to yourself? Not a problem! Simply, click redart and give the image your own caption. Now that dart will live within one of your boards.


Dartboards are where your future uploads will live. Dartboards are given unique names, by you, and are directly associated with a category of choice.


Daps are given out by the community to show your darts some love. Now don’t get too cocky, daps can be taken away as quick as they were given.


When you find something interesting online, get creative and leave a fun or informative caption. If you don’t have time to leave a caption, don’t worry, you can always add one later.

Editing a Dart

Didn’t have time to leave a caption or have you misspelled something? Not a problem, you can always go back and update the text that appears over your dart.


On Dartitup, darts live within boards and boards live within categories. Categories range from Vehicles to Fitness. To see an entire stream of darts limited to a category of choice, simply hover over “Categories” on the homepage and select your area of interest.


On Dartitup we encourage you to find and follow new friends. This comes in handy when you just want to see a stream dedicated to what your friends are sharing. Your friend’s stream appears on the Dartitup homepage and is accessed by clicking Friends.

Seen on (Original Source)

When viewing a dart (zoomed-in or individually) you’ll notice “seen on:” followed by a domain name. These are darts that have been clipped from various sources throughout the web. Clicking the link will send you a page outside the Dartitup walls, so be careful out there. The internet can be a scary place.

Challenge Boards

Challenge boards were created to simulate and all-out cage match between Dartitup users. Every couple of days the Dartitup Team will issue the entire site a new challenge. It’s your job to find the most interesting, humorous, relevant image that best addresses our challenge. The user with the most daps at the end of the challenge will be featured into the “Challenge Hall of Fame.” This is an achievement like no other and the people that grace its fortified walls are instant living legends. Be sure to tweet and share your submissions to get more votes for your submissions.


Debate Boards

Every so often the team behind the scenes will upload 10 to 20 pictures of things that we want the community to rank and discuss. While some topics will be controversial we want you to keep it clean and cordial.